Sunday, 6 May 2012

After the New year party, I enjoyed my first experience.

Hey friends this is Jenny, a 21 year old cute gal,
I'm Sharing my first experience of intercourse which I enjoyed with my friend's boy friend.

When I was of 19.  I was good at studies, and ECA, also I like to help my parents and friends in their needs and requirements.
It was 31st December 2010, in the day I went to one of my friend Martha's (20) home, just for planning the bash of New Year night.
She was pretty cute like me, and intelligent too.
When I entered in her room, she was alone at home as her parents were out for shopping and were likely to come after 4-5 hours, so we had a lot of time to gossip.

1st she offered me a cup of hot coffee with some cookies, we some soft music and sat on sofa for having a great gossip of last day of that year.

We were gossiping on some college's topics suddenly Martha's cell started ringing, she picket up that call, I silently requested her to switch that call over loudspeaker as I was keen interested to listen their spicy gossips.

He (Rostin 22) Martha's boy friend, started their talking over phone, by asking about Martha, she also replied and they made some common conversation for 6-7 minutes,

then her boyfriend asked Martha : heyyy sweety what you wore today?
Martha : honey I just wore a red mini skirt and a white top!! what about you. with smiling exposer...

Her boyfriend : hey sweety I just alone in my room, so just wore an underwear and nothing else. with a murmuring sound...

Martha : ohhh my go''ooooshhh .. really,,,

After listening all these, I got much excited and eager to listen their hot gossips as I didn't had any boyfriend or partner yet. Therefore I took keen interest in their gossips.

Then Martha's boyfriend said : honey i'm just imagining that you are with me at mahh room , and we are hugging each other very tightlyyyy,, ohhh,, mmm I can't tell you the feeling I'm having now,,

Martha's : darling,,, I'm too having the same urge, so y shouldn't we meet up tonight and will enjoy our New Year eve, together..

Martha's boyfriend : yeh sure,, pretty better idea,, wi'll definitely, so get ready..

Suddenly I, requested to my friend Martha to introduce myself with her boyfriend at tonight's party, we will enjoy all together.

She agreed and discussed about it with her boyfriend. He too agreed.

Then they ended their call.

It was such an interesting and strange feeling inside, my heart beat got doubled, as I thinking about the coming party.

Me and my friend Martha got too close while we were discussing all this and were talking the her boyfriend.

She was too excited and urged herself for some awesome fantasy..
Suddenly she(Martha) hold my hands very tightly and asked very silently :- Hey Jenny how's you feeling right now,

I was bit happy inside and was very thankful to her for that invite of mine at their party, I was thinking to thanks her, but was confused about how to.

Suddenly took my face closer to her face, very slowly, caught her very briskly with my arms, and was very close to her, then I kissed her on her beautiful red hot lips.. and smiled very beautifully and said thankkkkkksssssss honeyyyyyy. for all that.

She got excited and caught me too very tightly and smooched me in return, it was really an awesoooommmm experience to be in her lap, and smooching each other very slowly slowly and deeply.

Then I pressed her boobs, very gently, she saidd ... aaaahhhh,,, aahhh, mmmhhhh hhmm aaaah ohhh honeyyyy ahhh,, plzzz again...

Martha's was looking very sexy that time.

Then I removed her top, her books were really very hot, tight and and tits were just awesome, I can't tell how much she sexy that time.

Then I slowly rubbed and sucked her boobs and tits, with my tongue, I kept her whole boobs into my mouth and started pressing and rubbing other one.. she was giving some amazing sound like,,, ohhhhh, ohhhhh myyy goodness ,, you'r so good, so hot,, love you honeyy,, ohhhh,, hhhmmmmmmm mmmmm  keep me inside you.. I loveeeeeee yooaaaaa.. ahhh ..

Then I removed her skirt and then panty,, her Pussy was really awesome,, a kinda hot, red, fresh, and smells just pleasantly and awesome, it was very tasty,,, and looking very gorgeous,

Then I slowwly took my mouth near to her leg, I kissed of her leg, then slowly I Kisser a bit upper, then kissed again, and finally reached her PUSSY,  and started licking her pussy very gently and briskly,, then I rubbed it with my fingers,, she just murmuring slowly slowly , and saying like, aohhhhhhh mmmmyyyy gooosssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh ,, I dieinggggggg,, take in inside,,Her moaning was reallllllllllllyyyyyy horrible,, and killing, which indulge me into the urge of her lust....

She said, ahhh yeah, I like that I like that.,  I felt like a have a crush on her,,,

Her legs and whole body was very soft and sweet, it was made me,ohhhhh,, skyhigh

After licking her pussy, we again started oral, kissing, and then she took my clothes off.

She too started licking and sucking my boobs and then pussy, and was rubbing very beautifully, her expressions was just like a Pro. but she's not.  Then she started rubbing my Pussy,,,, and deep licking my pussy,, I sounds like oohhmmm mmma aaaaahhhh aaaahhhh,, Plzzzzzz fuck mee ohhh my goossshhh ,, love me sweeeetuuu,, plzzz love me,, alot,, give me alot love,, lick me,, aohhhhhh ahhhh ahhh, mmmmm..

Then she continued her fingering and rubbing on to my boobs and Pussy simultaneously and we were smooching each other,, very long,,, after some time,,, I got just full of energy and were about to cum, I shouted ohhhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh ohh aaaaaahh mmmy gooshhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss yessssssssss I'm cumming myyyyyyyyyyy loveeeeeeeeee ahhh. ohhhh my goshhhh ,, then I felt something wet in my pussy,, I touched it with my hands, it was really an awesome and marvellous experience,,,

After finishing all our stuff, we got freshed up and wore clothes properly, before her parents came.

Then I hugged her and promised to meet them up in the party, that night, and came to my home..

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