Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My secret diary, and my neighbor.

My self, Mia, i'm of 26 from California.
Today I wanna share my true erotic story with all of you, read it and enjoy.

One day I was writing one of my recent story in my secret diary, suddenly my cell rung up, and went to attend that call.

While I was busy on my cell, one of my neighbor came, to my home, as the doors were open she, came directly without knocking..

I was unaware of her.
She went in my, and found my secret diary laid on the bed. Which i forgot to hide.

She read my past recent story, and got fascinated after reading that.
when i came back to my room, i found her reading my diary.

I was surprised to see her in my room, reading my diary.

I asked her to give it back to me. But she refused to give it back.

I requested a lot to her.

then she came to me. And looked continuously on me by her lusty eyes.

She asked me to hug and kiss once, in order to give my diary back.

I accepted. First she gave my diary back, I kept it in my shelf, then As promised, I hugged her tightly, she was a 31 year married lady, she was really busty. when i hugged her, i felt her large boobs, so horny.

Then i smooched her. for a while, it was really a great taste. I kissed again, then once more,, her lips and tongue were so wet and juicy, it was really an awesome, experience with her. she pushed me on the bed, and pressed my boobs slowly slowly.
I was moaning. ..ahhh aahhh mmmm aaahh uuuuhhhh... it was really so erotic.

She removed my bra, and then penty. then she started licking my pussy. with her hot and juicy lips and tongue. I was in heaven that time.

She played a lot with me, and my organs.
she pressed and sucked my booby's and fingered me a lot..

I became wet, so wet. then she again licked my pussy, slowly slowly.

she said your taste is amazing. I got fainted.
That incident was really very nice..

I played with her too.
We enjoyed our lesbians experience, too much.for a complete 4 hours.

After all that, i thanked her, and she went to her house, in the eve.

so people, this was my real erotic story, hope you enjoyed for sure.